Rising cases around the world, vaccines in the final stages of US trials

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to expand globally, especially on the American continent where the number of pollutants is the highest in the world. To contain the resumption of the epidemic, the United States is massively funding the creation of a vaccine developed by Moderna, an American laboratory. It enters its final test phase on Monday.

The United States launched the final clinical phase of a potential coronavirus vaccine on Monday, July 27, while Latin America and the Caribbean approach North America in terms of contamination.

The epidemic continues to spread worldwide with more than 5 million new cases detected since 1your July, more than a third of those declared since the pandemic began. In some countries such as Canada, it now affects a majority of young people under the age of 39.

Latin America and the Caribbean became the region with the highest number of pollutants on Sunday, with 4,340,214 cases, according to a report compiled by AFP on Sunday at 21 GMT from official sources.

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Brazil, the most affected Latin American country, registered nearly 25,000 more cases on Sunday, for a total of 2.4 million, and regrets more than 87,000 deaths.

China, where the virus appeared, reported 61 new Covid-19 patients in 24 hours on Monday, the largest daily increase since mid-April, following the outbreak of outbreaks in three provinces, including Xinjiang, in the northwest of the country.

The United States, the worst-hit country in the world, has nearly 4,234,000 pollution and nearly 150,000 deaths. However, the number of new positive cases decreased significantly on Sunday to +55,187, its lowest level in almost two weeks.

Donald Trump and the vaccine race

The US government has promised to increase its support for the development of a potential Covid-19 vaccine developed by the US biotechnology company Moderna to a total of one billion dollars in total, and which will be “ready for the final phase of its clinical trial.

This experimental vaccine, which triggered antibodies to coronavirus in the 45 participants in a first phase, can thus be tested from Monday on 30,000 people.

The United States has announced massive investments in recent months to immunize Americans early next year.

US President Donald Trump also declared on Sunday that he was “focused” on coronavirus with “meetings scheduled for vaccines”, to justify his refusal to throw the first ball at the opening of a basketball game in New York. York Yankees scheduled for next month.

In terms of death rates, Europe is still in the lead, with 207,933 deaths followed by Latin America and the Caribbean (182,726), and the United States and Canada (155,673). The figures are undoubtedly lower than reality.

Young victims and vectors of the virus

In Canada, adults under the age of 39 now make up a clear majority of the newly identified cases of Covid-19, health officials warned on Sunday, urging young people not to feel “invincible”.

The elderly are not the only people at risk of serious health problems if they become infected, warns Dr Theresa Tam, the country’s top public health administrator: in the cases Covid-19 reported last week, “63% affected young people under 39, of which a third (31%) were hospitalized “.

In France, too, concerned elected officials urged young people to be more careful and ordered the closure of gathering places such as beaches, parks and public gardens at night.

“If this age group is usually asymptomatic when it is contaminated, it will still transmit the virus when it is contaminated, thus exposing the most fragile populations,” insisted the prefecture of Morbihan (Brittany).

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Containment and insulation measures

In connection with the resumption of the epidemic in Europe, London announced that passengers from Spain should undergo an isolation period from Sunday, which received a strong reaction from the authorities in this country, the world’s second largest tourist destination. behind France, and who loudly proclaimed it to be “a safe country”.

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“Like other European countries, Spain has new outbreaks. This is not uncommon. Most importantly, Spain is making great efforts to control these outbreaks,” said Foreign Minister Arancha. Gonzalez Laya.

In Belgium, the Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès, announced on Saturday that she is considering new further measures against the increase in the case of the new coronavirus. Strengthened measures have already entered into force on Saturday, in particular the mandatory wearing of the mask in places with high traffic, such as markets, flea markets, shopping streets, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

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Other countries, such as Venezuela and Algeria, have decided to renew the containment measures in force on their land.

Morocco also limits travel between major cities to a few days of Eid al-Adha, a celebration traditionally marked by family reunions. And Saudi Arabia will only host about 10,000 people for the traditional Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca from Wednesday, instead of the 2.5 million received last year.

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