Manchester United – Roy Keane accuses David De Gea

The former Manchester United player has not been very kind to David De Gea, who he considers too weak to hope to win trophies.

“It will not be a press conference to put David de Gea on trial. We will just stick together. David is mentally strong enough to know that his job is to train and be ready for games.”, Ole Gunnar Solskjær said at a press conference a week ago.

“He makes too many mistakes, big mistakes”

It must be said that the Manchester United goalkeeper had been heavily criticized across the channel for his performance against Chelsea, in the semi-finals of the cup. In poor form, the Spaniard is struggling to regain his previous level, but has been reassuring during his last two excursions. Enough to redeem yourself?

Not in Roy Keane’s eyes. In fact, the former Red Devil player was very critical of the Spanish goalkeeper and was not considered reliable enough. “He makes too many mistakes, big mistakes, which have cost United important points. If United are to fight for the league title, they need a better goalkeeper, they need a change.”, appreciated the club’s past glory in remarks given to Sky Sports, never the last to give its point of view.

Osimhen in Naples, the result is imminent

“Forwards are left out or sold, as well as midfielders, but for some reason we should keep the tanks a little longer, for what they would have done two or three years ago (…) We have seen Liverpool go to another level by improving his goalkeeper “, said the Irishman. To aim very high is to have a frame part of the last quality really a significant advantage. It’s up to the Spaniard to get back in shape.