Six US mayors are urging Congress to stop the deployment of federal agents

The mayors of Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Albuquerque, Kansas City and Washington on Monday sent letters to Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress to say stop the deployment of federal agents. They consider these measures to be “illegal and disgusting”.

The distance continues between local elected officials and Donald Trump, who made the return of “order” one of his slogans for the November presidential election. The Democratic mayors of six cities in the United States, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Albuquerque, Kansas City and Washington, on Monday, July 27, asked Congress to stop the deployment of federal agents requested by the U.S. president in their cities who say the presence of these agents has exacerbated tensions during protests against racism.

“We call on Congress to pass a law that makes it clear that these measures are illegal and disgusting,” they wrote in a letter to Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress.

Officials in Portland, Oregon have been in the nationwide spotlight for forcing them to board protesters in unmarked vans and fire tear gas at the city’s Democratic mayors and activists.

These maneuvers, condemned by the Democratic opposition when the federal government stepped in, sparked a new wave of protests after those against racial discrimination and police violence that rocked the country after George Floyd’s death on May 25.

Hearing scheduled for the Legal Affairs Committee

To justify the deployment of federal agents, President Donald Trump highlighted the unrest in the country, including the dimming of statues.

The Attorney General will continue this argument during a hearing on Tuesday before the Committee on Legal Affairs in the House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Democrats.

The attacks on a federal court in the city constitute an “attack on the US government,” said William Barr, according to prepared remarks. “The government’s most fundamental responsibility is to ensure the rule of law, so that people can live in security and without fear.”

The U.S. Department of Justice announced last week that it would investigate the use of force by federal agents against protesters in Portland.

With Reuters