The opposition rejects the plan to end the crisis and demands the resignation of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita

The coalition of Malian opponents “demands more than ever” the resignation of President IBK, she said in a statement on Tuesday, July 28. This reaction comes the day after the adoption of a plan to end the crisis in Mali during a summit of leaders in West African countries. This plan specifically provides for the president to remain in power.

The coalition of opponents in Mali, M5-RFP on Tuesday, rejected the plan to end the crisis adopted the day before by the heads of state of West Africa, given that it does not “correspond”[ait] in no way to Malian’s expectations “and reiterated his demand for the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (IBK).

The Rally of the Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP) “demands more than ever the departure of Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta and his regime,” he said in a press release signed by one of its leaders, Choguel Maïga.

This heterogeneous coalition of political opponents, religious leaders and members of civil society has thus “learned with astonishment the conclusions of the extraordinary summit” of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), “which continues to reduce the socio-political crisis in Mali to a simple electoral dispute during the second round of the legislative vote [de mars-avril]”, the movement states in a statement received by Tuesday by AFP.

According to the “opposition”, “people’s expectations and ambitions” were not respected

The movement, which has its origins in the demonstrations that have shaken power in Mali since June, “regrets” that the recommendations adopted by the fifteen leaders of ECOWAS “do not take into account the depth and seriousness of the socio-political crisis that plagues Mali’s future” at all with the expectations and ambitions of the Malian people and above all violates Mali’s laws and constitution which the movement respects “according to the text.

The Malian opposition rejects the plan for West African countries and demands Keita’s resignation

The M5-RFP, which had ordered a “gun violence” until after the large Muslim holiday of Aid al-Adha planned on Friday, confirmed that “the Malian people will remain mobilized and determined for the implementation of their constitutional right to civil disobedience.” Fifteen ECOWAS presidents, who meet on Monday through video conference, called on the Malaysians to “resolve the crisis”, which they fear will drag Mali into chaos, while the country remains the epicenter of the jihadist threat in the Sahel.

The plan to end the crisis in Mali, unveiled on Monday by videoconference, includes in particular President Keita’s retention of power and advocates the speedy constitution of a government with national unity and partial legislative elections. A four-point plan that must be implemented within ten days.

Sanctions provided

The 15 heads of state of ECOWAS have planned a sanctions regime “against those who will take actions contrary to the normalization process”, which will be carried out before Friday, the current president of the regional organization concluded. , the Nigerian head of state, Mahamadou Issoufou, according to the text of his speech obtained by AFP.

Our correspondent Erwan Schiex reviews the ECOWAS recommendations

The summit also called for a “rapid composition of the Constitutional Court”, including a decision to change the results of the legislative elections is the trigger for the current crisis and called for a “government of national unity with the participation of the opposition and civil society”, while ruling out a forced resignation from President Keita.

ECOWAS had “encouraged” the June 5 movement to “participate” in this government, in a “spirit of patriotism”.

Members of the UN Security Council have increased this pressure by urging all parties to “follow these recommendations without delay” after expressing “deep concern”.

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