Cagliari – Juventus 2-0, already champions, Juve fall in Cagliari

Juve, already crowned Italian champions, fell in Cagliari on Wednesday on behalf of the 37th day of Serie A.

A game without a stake. While Juve are already champions, Cagliari is in the belly, already saved from relegation. But the locals were happy to meet a disappointed turinese.

Cagliari sets the tone from the 8th minute. Farago delivers a very powerful cross in front of the opposite cages. Mattiello returns the leather from the opposite wing. This time, Gagliano rushes in to score with a tackle.

Just before the break and after a long ball, Simeone uses Bonucci’s naivety to check the leather and offer himself a cross attempt that Buffon can do nothing. 2-0, the score at rest against a demobilized Juve.

The second half will be very similar to the first. After 20 minutes, Simeone gave themselves a chance at close range, but Bonucci countered, and in a second time the Argentine missed his shot.

Opposite, Cristiano Ronaldo tests several short strikes, but struggles to fool Cragno. Juve are pushing towards the end of the game and Walter Zenga’s players are finding it more and more difficult to get out clean. But the score would no longer change. A very disappointing Juve bowed.