“Do not let go” to avoid a second wave, urges Olivier Véran

France “is not in a second wave of the coronavirus”, but “we must not give up” efforts if we want to avoid it, hammered the Minister of Health on Wednesday. Despite new clusters, especially in Brittany, he wants to avoid refinancing.

France is not in a second wave of Covid-19, the health minister assured. “But it does not let go” efforts, hammered Olivier Véran, interviewed at LCI on Wednesday, July 29. “It is from our collective behavior and through the decisive action of the public authorities that we will avoid this second wave. It is a bit like the parable of the Sisyphus cliff: we thought we were ready and the virus is coming back. We need a vaccine,” he said. summed up the Minister.

Increase in positive tests

Although it is too early to talk about a second wave of epidemics, new clusters are emerging, the minister said. “We have some warning signs from some hospitals with a tendency to increase the number of posts, and we are testing much more,” said Olivier Véran, noting “an increase in the proportion of positive tests”.

“We are recording a number of diagnoses in younger patients,” he said. “Covid-19 epidemic kills fourteen new people in 24 hours in hospitals and medico-social facilities in France, where the circulation of the virus is still” maintained “, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) announced on Tuesday But the number of patients in intensive care continues to decline.

Avoid reconnection

Reacting to the explosion of cases in Quiberon (Morbihan), Olivier Véran stressed that we were “in the diagnosis stage” and that “if it is necessary to take other measures, we will take them”. “We do not want to come to a reconstruction,” the minister stressed. “There are people who do not respect the rules. It is when you feel harmless that you take most of the risks,” Olivier Véran lamented.

“The French have lived through extremely difficult months, they must rest, go back”, but “we must not let go now” the gestures of prevention against the coronavirus, warned the minister, who is attending the last council on Wednesday before the summer.

“The work done by the French, who have saved so many lives, must continue this summer, even when we are tired, even when we are with friends, family,” the minister said, recalling the need to wear the mask, ” to reduce social contact, to increase the distance with people, to wash hands “.

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