Donald Trump retweet video about doctors who believe in “reptilian”

Donald Trump retweeted the video from a group of doctors who claim that hydroxychloroquine cures Covid-19. Among them, Stella Immanuel, who previously said that the United States is ruled by “reptilian spirits”, “half human, half alien”.

Donald Trump considered Stella Immanuel “very impressive”, and he did not hesitate to let it be known. Although he “knows nothing about her”, the US president retweeted a video showing her. This doctor, who had preached the idea that the United States was ruled by “reptilians” and that gynecological problems were linked to sex with evil spirits, is now defending hydroxychloroquine, which she said could happen. end of Covid-19 in 30 days.

“We can cure the virus”

In the video in question – deleted by Facebook, Youtube and Twitter – a group of doctors explain, among other things, that masks are not necessary and that “there is a medicine” to treat the coronavirus: hydroxychloroquine. “You can cure the virus, it’s called hydroxychloroquine,” said Stella Immanuel, who appears in the video among other white coats before the Supreme Court. She assures that the drug has prevented her own patients from dying from Covid-19, and that it makes mask wear and containment unnecessary.

Stella Immanuel, originally from Cameroon and graduating in medicine in Nigeria, says she has a different “perspective” and that where she comes from “everyone takes hydroxychloroquine” – a drug designed to treat malaria – “baby, pregnant women and the elderly” .

Hydroxychloroquine was promoted at the beginning of the pandemic by Donald Trump, who later said he took the precaution. US health authorities have since recommended not prescribing the drug to Covid-19 patients and several clinical studies have “observed no positive effects on patients. But the drug has become a favorite among antisystems and, in the US, by the Trumpist right.

“Reptilian spirits”, “half humans, half aliens”

Archives from Stella Immanuel’s personal website and YouTube page reveal a long list of pseudo-scientific statements: “spirits of suffering” are said to have “astral” sex with women, causing “gynecological problems, marital problems and miscarriages”. In a video from 2015, she says that the rulers of the United States are “reptilian spirits”, “half human, half alien”. She condemns the use of extraterrestrial DNA in medicine and causes mixtures between humans and demons.

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