Gérald Darmanin “suffocated” when he hears the expression “police violence”

On Tuesday, the Minister of the Interior refuted the term “police violence” and argued before the National Assembly’s Law Commission that the police use “legitimate violence”.

“When I hear the word ‘police violence’, I personally suffocate,” Gérald Darmanin told the National Assembly’s law committee on Tuesday, July 28. Like his predecessors, the Interior Minister has refuted these terms, which he considers “contradictory”.

“The police do use violence but legitimate violence. (…) It must do it in a proportionate way, it must do it in a supervised way. That some people do it outside the ethical rules, the sanction must be immediate,” he added. he. “But it is normal for the police and the sex chairs to be armed, to intervene by force, so that the force remains with the law of the republic and not with bands or communities,” he said.

“There may be abuses that we have to sanction and I think the government is sanctioning them and if it does not, the press, the unions, the parliamentarians remind the police hierarchy, the interior minister, what he has to do and that is quite legitimate,” he said.

The keys to the “National Education Package”

Judging by the crisis of authority “comes a long way”, Gérald Darmanin believes that “the keys to the solution, (…) that is the group of the Minister of Education”. “When we take care of daycare children, I’m sure the police end up with a little less work. I’m not English, there will always be people who, despite a good education, will be violent, will be traffickers and they must “But it’s obvious that when you have few vocabulary, when you did not know authority when you were a child, when you are excused for everything and constantly have an authority crisis when you are 15, 20, 25”, he said.

“Police violence” has been regularly condemned during demonstrations by yellow vests recently during marches in honor of Adama Traore or Cédric Chouviat, who died during police operations.

With AFP