in the congregation the opponents strike their arms

Debated for two days in the congregation as part of the revision of the law on bioethics, the text on the extension of assisted reproduction to all women is still divisive. Opponents returned to the indictment on Tuesday at the second reading in the congregation.

The government was keen to organize the vote on the Bioethics Act before the deputies’ summer holidays. Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise Among Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promises, among the most important measures in this text, the extension of assisted reproduction, medically assisted reproduction, to couples of women and single women.

But fierce opponents of the text were quick to pull out their weapons. In a strained atmosphere, a battery of repressive amendments was defended in vain in this article, the sole purpose of more than 550 amendments, of the approximately 2,300 that deputies must take into account at the end of the week.

“Commodification of reproduction”

LR, at the forefront of PMA for all, initially condemned the creation of “fathers’ orphans” or the risk of a “renewal of reproduction” and reaffirmed its concern that the opening up of PMA will lead “inevitably” to surrogacy. “When you cross borders, there is no longer a border,” Julien Aubert in particular launched. But Prime Minister Jean Castex, from LR, still insisted on Tuesday that the ban on surrogacy is still a “red line”.

Valérie Six (UDI) also expressed fears that the extension of the supported reproduction would lead to “a commodification of the living”, while Laure de La Raudière (Agir) said that her “confusion” precedes a text which she says will return to “voluntarily deprive some children of a male father figure”.

The “wanderer” Blandine Brocard, who had voted against the article at first reading, also considered that the measure “leaves the consequences for the child, the most vulnerable for us”.

An “essential” article

Health Minister Olivier Véran, for his part, claimed that “love is the foundation of the family home” and proclaimed a new right for “thousands of families who will have thousands of children”. His words have aroused tension with LR, for which the love argument is “too easy”. In particular, Véran had a collision with Xavier Breton worried to see one day “three adults” who want a child, and the Minister told him: “You compare polygamy with women who want children within the framework of a MAP, it’s decent! “. LR then criticized the minister’s resignation, replaced him on the bench by Adrien Taquet (children and families) and accused him of “escaping” from the debate.

Co-rapporteur Jean Louis Touraine (LREM) defended an “essential” article, “the very foundation of our law”, believing that the idea that this leads to surrogacy is a “fantasy”.

At the end of the evening, PS, LFI and LREM amendments aimed at opening up assisted reproduction for transgender people were rejected. As at first reading, the government was against it.

With AFP