Inter – Beppe Marotta also dismantles the rumor Lionel Messi

As Antonio Conte had done, Inter’s sporting director was anxious to deny rumors of Leo Messi’s possible arrival.

Rumors surrounding a potential Leo Messi arrival at Inter Milan have intensified in recent days. Unhappy with the latest results from FC Barcelona, ​​it would six times the Ballon d’Or think about packing bags in the coming months. Thus, many rumors have reported of a rapprochement between Argentina and Milan. Still, the Barça player should not join Antonio Conte’s training, Beppe Marotta had been very clear on the subject.

Beppe Marotta warns: Lionel Messi is not coming

“Messi and the Duomo? That’s not my idea. We’re talking about an icon, a good player, a wish that everyone has. But it’s still a game. Our football needs a renewal, we’re moved to fourth place. Today it’s impossible. “ said the sporting director of Inter Milan, in remarks forwarded by the Gazzetta dello Sport. In addition, such an operation would be financially complicated to achieve for the transalpine club.

“And let’s not forget that we must respect financially fair play. Suning has already injected millions into the club’s coffers. Messi is a utopian case.”, argued Beppe Marotta. As a reminder, Antonio Conte, the coach of Inter, also wanted to deny. “Rumors about Leo Messi are completely false. Do not believe the fake news. He will not join Inter, not even in a dream.”, he thundered at a press conference. At least it has the merit of being clear.