Colombia, the most dangerous country for conservationists 2019

According to the annual report of the British non-governmental organization Global Witness, 212 environmental activists were killed in 2019. A large part of these murders took place in Colombia, which has become the most dangerous country on the planet for environmental activists.

212 environmentalists killed in 2019: this is according to the report published by the British non-governmental organization Global Witness on July 29, 2020. This is the highest figure ever recorded.

At the top of the rankings is Colombia, which alone has 64 murders of environmental activists.

It must be said that the military in Colombia is in the midst of a struggle for control of the lucrative resources of the region opposing the FARC, rebels and paramilitary groups, drug traffickers and illegal minors.

Francia Marquez, award-winning environmental activist forced to live under escort

Francia Marquez had just taken part in the negotiating table for the peace agreements between the Colombian government and Farca La Havana in 2016. The 38-year-old Colombian has been campaigning for more than eight years for many reasons related to ecology.

She first stood out by protesting against a hydropower project. After a long struggle against the illegal extraction of gold in her community in La Toma, she had to flee her village in 2014. Her commitment was honored in 2018, the year she received the Goldman Award, considered the Nobel de environment.

But a few months later, she narrowly escaped a grenade attack along with a shooting. Those who now live under escort refuse to be silent. “We have no weapons, but we have a voice to continue to defend the future of the country, to continue to defend the future of humanity,” she said.

Latin America suffers greatly from these murders: in Brazil, 24 environmental activists have been murdered; in Mexico there were 18.

In the Philippines, 48 ​​activists were also killed, making it the second most dangerous country in the world, according to the NGO’s global witness.

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