young people more affected but also more tested

In France, the proportion of positive Covid-19 tests is increasing, especially among young adults. This phenomenon is explained in particular by the development of test policy in the country, which includes more this population which is considered to be less exposed to coronavirus.

If the number of patients with a serious form of Covid-19 admitted to intensive care continues to decrease, pollution has increased in France for a week, especially among young adults.

“The proportion of positive tests is increasing to 1.4% and there is a markedly more marked increase in young adults,” the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) warned on Wednesday, July 29, in a statement. “If they have a low risk of developing a serious form of the disease, young people can help spread the virus if they do not respect the barrier measures and infect their relatives, parents, grandparents and fragile people,” we read in the document.

More tests, more cases

Since mid-March, young people have also been excluded from the test policy, initially focusing on serious cases and people at risk. Today, tests are used not only to detect new cases but also their contacts even before the first symptoms appear. The people tested are therefore more numerous and have a more varied profile, which partly explains the increase in positive cases among young people.

“There is an increase in viral activity in some parts of our country, which is partly correlated with the fact that we are testing more,” said health winemaker Olivier Véran.

In fact, according to DGS, the reproduction rate of the virus (or “R”, based on positive virological tests) at national level is “higher than 1.3, in constant increase since 1your July “. This result means that each patient on average infects a little more than 1.3 other people.

Since May 9, France also has 646 grouped cases (“clusters”) including 22 new ones since Tuesday, but 399 closed, so 247 homes are still active. A “cluster” is defined by the existence of at least three confirmed or probable cases over a period of seven days, belonging to the same community or having participated in the same gathering.

Call for caution

To counteract this circulation of the virus, the Directorate-General for Health recalls the importance of organizing festivities and gatherings “in the open rather than in closed places”. She adds that it is necessary “to limit the number of participants”, “to systematically wear the mask when people are not part of the regular family circle or in the presence of people at risk and especially to keep distance between people”.

Olivier Véran even urged the French to wear a mask outdoors depending on the situation: “If you are on a street where there are several people walking and you are not sure you can keep your distance, I recommend it,” he said. Wednesday during a trip to Yvelines.

With AFP