The fire destroys 165 hectares of vegetation in southwestern France

A spectacular fire on Thursday destroyed 165 hectares of vegetation in a forest in the heart of Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). The disaster was under control on Friday, the city’s mayor announced.

One hundred and sixty-five hectares of vegetation went up in smoke in a fire that took place on the evening of Thursday 30 July in a forest in the heart of Anglet, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in southwestern France.

“The fire is under control, there is an improvement compared to the night, but there are still two or three hard points” and “no risk of recovery is excluded,” said the mayor of this city in the city of the Basque coast. “One hundred hectares of forest were destroyed in one piece, 165 hectares with fluctuations of fire,” announced the mayor of Anglet, Claude Olive, on Friday morning.

Sixteen people were seriously poisoned by the smoke, and eleven houses were affected by the fire, including five that became uninhabitable, according to an updated report from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques prefecture. About 130 firefighters remained on Friday morning engaged in the fire, in protection and surveillance, while 150 had been mobilized at the unit’s height Thursday night.

The firefighters were particularly anxious to “drown” the country, still dangerous with embers, stumps, which pose as many risks of resumption of fire, says Claude Olive.

The mayor urged Angloys (residents of Anglet) not to go to the site out of curiosity and to let firefighters work. He estimated that the hundred residents who were evacuated on Thursday night would not be able to return home “before the end of the afternoon”.

The origin of the disaster is still unknown

The fire, whose origin was still not determined on Friday morning, broke out late on Thursday afternoon, driven by the wind and driven by drought and strong heat. The flames destroyed hectares of pine forest in the Chiberta forest, in the heart of the Anglet (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), forcing the evacuation of many homes.

This wooded area of ​​over 250 hectares is located in the center, between the river Adour and the Atlantic Ocean, especially bordering a prestigious golf course and luxury villas.

Two water bombers from Bordeaux had stopped their rotations in the event of a nightfall on Thursday after carrying out 18 drops, according to Civil Security. The rescue groups allowed hospital treatment of 6 residents, 5 police officers and 1 firefighter, according to the prefecture.

The Chiberta Forest, a verified island of greenery in the densely populated Bayonne-Biarritz-Anglet agglomeration, “is a large pine forest with tall trees that are very difficult to reach,” explained Eddie Bouttera Prefectural Secretary General.

“The climatic conditions are not good at all, with a very low humidity, a strong hot wind and very high temperatures, which do not help us,” lamented his mayor of Anglet.

In the north and Adour estuary, the fire consumed especially the Izadia Ecological Park and its houses, according to Claude Olive. “It’s part of our environmental heritage that has gone up in smoke,” complained the mayor of this coastal city of 40,000.

Early in the evening, dozens of people were forced to leave their homes as a matter of urgency, said an AFP correspondent, who saw people driving away with suitcases that were quickly thrown into their vehicles.

“At the bottom of my street, the flames approached the houses and they were very powerful, we all got into our cars,” a resident told the AFP correspondent.

Southwest experienced very hot weather on Thursday. Saint-Jean-de-Luz, not far from Anglet on the Basque coast, broke its temperature record of 41.9 ° C recorded by Météo-France.

Further north, in the Gironde, a forest fire consumed more than 295 hectares of pine trees on Monday, also driven by the summer drought.

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