Melbourne, Australia’s second city, is placed under a curfew

The coronavirus pandemic continues on its deadly course and places new restrictions every day, as in Melbourne. The Australian city is now placed under a curfew. And non-essential businesses have to close their doors on Thursday.

In anticipation of a recovery in Covid-19 infections, Australia on Sunday 2 August announced a curfew in Melbourne, the country’s second city, whose residents are no longer allowed to walk more than five kilometers from their homes. Home.

“The time for laxity is over, the time for warnings is over,” said Daniel Andrews, Prime Minister of Victoria. “If you are not at home when you should be there, if you have the virus and lead your normal life, steadfastness will prevail. There is life at stake.”

Victoria Andrews, the Prime Minister of Victoria, discusses Covid-19 measures

Despite a lockdown introduced in early July, Melbourne continued to register hundreds of new cases daily. Local authorities have therefore decided to introduce a curfew from 20 to 17.00 for the next six weeks.

All non-essential companies will also have to close their doors from Thursday, Daniel Andrews said on Monday. Sectors such as meat production and construction must reduce their operations from Friday.

“The outcome in Melbourne is completely new. This had never happened in the city’s history, not even in wartime,” said Grégory Plesse, correspondent for France 24 in Australia. “He was widely respected for the first night. The police only reported a limited number of people who were fined during the night. On the other hand, it seems like it is the return of panic in supermarkets,” states our journalist.

Covid-19: Melbourne placed under curfew

New restrictions

Only one person per household will be allowed to shop every day, even within a radius of five kilometers. A few weeks after returning to class, most school and college students will resume classes via the Internet from midnight on Wednesday. , while nurseries and other reception facilities are closed from Thursday.

Weddings are canceled in the city until further notice. At the height of the first wave of the pandemic, marriage had been limited to five people in Australia.

“We made these decisions because doing less than that will not protect us,” DanielAndrews said. “Doing less than that will keep the problem going for months and months.”

The state of Victoria registered 671 new deaths in Covid-19 and 7 on Sunday. Outside Melbourne, the rest of the state will move to containment phase 3 from midnight on Wednesday. Residents will only be able to leave their homes to work, go to school and buy basic necessities.

Other Australian states, which have reduced restrictions, have reported no or very few new cases in weeks. But they closed their doors to the people of Victoria and Sydney, another point of pollution.

In total, almost 18,000 cases of the new coronavirus and at least 208 deaths have been registered in Australia, which has a population of about 25 million.

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