Targeted by a corruption investigation, former King Juan Carlos leaves Spain

In a letter to his son, Sovereign Felipe VI, the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos, announced his decision to leave the country. He is suspected of corruption, he is being investigated by the Supreme Court.

Former Spanish King Juan Carlos, the subject of an investigation by the Spanish Supreme Court into suspected corruption, will leave the country, the Royal House announced on Monday (August 3).

Several local media, such as newspapersThe Spanishor El Mundoindicates that Juan Carlos has already left the territory of a destination that is still unknown.

“Now led by the conviction of providing the best service to the Spaniards, to their institutions and to you as King, I inform you of my considered decision to deport myself, at present, outside Spain,” the former sovereign quoted in the Royal Press Release. the house, where King Felipe VI accepts and thanks him for his decision.

Juan Carlos’ exile: “Felipe VI must convince the people that the monarchy still has its place in Spain”

Juan Carlos explains to his son his decision by the desire to “facilitate the exercise of (his) functions”, in front of “the public consequences of certain previous events in (his) private life”, a transparent reference to the investigation initiated against him.

His lawyer, Javier Sanchez-Junco, said in a statement that the former monarch did not try to escape justice by going into exile but remained at his disposal. But the government’s vice president, Pablo Iglesias, condemned on Twitter a “leak” that the leader of the anti-narcissistic party Podemos considers “unworthy of a former head of state”.

A controversial agreement with Saudi Arabia

The Supreme Court indictment in June launched an investigation into Juan Carlos to determine whether the former king could be investigated in a case of alleged corruption during the award of a high-speed train contract by Saudi Arabia.

The Supreme Court is trying to know whether the former monarch can be included in this case, while he was protected by his immunity until the moment of his abdication in favor of his son Felipe, in June 2014.

This procedure stems from an investigation into the Spanish anti-corruption indictment in the second phase of a contract for a high-speed connection between Mecca and Medina, in Saudi Arabia, which was awarded to a consortium of Spanish companies. during 2011.

The Tribune de Genève reported in March that Juan Carlos would have received $ 100 million from the late Saudi King Abdullah in 2008.

82-year-old Juan Carlos has never commented on the allegations.

With AFP and Reuters