Facebook and Twitter are sanctioning Donald Trump, after comments that were judged to be untrue about the pandemic

The two social networks removed a video on Wednesday in which Donald Trump explained in an interview with Fox News that children were “almost completely” immune, at their age, to Covid-19.

Facebook and Twitter are sharpening the tone with Donald Trump. The two social networks deleted on Wednesday, August 5, or deleted a video that violated their rules on misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic.

The clip showed that the American president explained in an interview with Fox News that children were “almost completely” immune, to age, to the virus. “This video contains false claims that a certain group of people are not likely to catch Covid-19, which violates our policy of dangerous misinformation about the disease,” a Facebook spokesman explained.

This is the first time that the social network has directly censored the US president. But Twitter has gone even further. The platform banned the head of state’s campaign account from continuing to tweet, as long as he did not remove the excerpt from the interview.

The account @TeamTrump seemed to have fulfilled the platform’s request, as it was still active Wednesday night and the video was nowhere to be found. “The president made just one fact: children are less likely than adults to get the coronavirus,” said Courtney Parella, a spokeswoman for Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Arbitrators of Truth”

“Here is further evidence that Silicon Valley is biased against the president. The rules are only applied in one direction. Social networks are not the work of truth,” she continued. two Californian groups risk reviving the inclinations of the president and his party to launch retaliation against social networks, which they accuse of promoting the opposition.

According to Matthieu Mabin, correspondent for France 24 in Washington, the subject of this video is “not trivial, [car il rejoint là] one of the most important battles led by the White House, namely the reopening of schools in the country. Donald Trump is strong for it, because he is for the resumption of economic activity in general.

They have been particularly raised since Twitter posted a tweet from the president in late May, widely interpreted as stimulating violence against anti-racism protesters. Furious, Donald Trump had signed a decree threatening to change a law that gives digital platforms great freedom when it comes to content moderation. His camp gathered around him.

During a hearing last week in Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon before a parliamentary committee, the conservative elected officials also focused on these issues. “Big Tech” opened the hunt for conservatives, that’s a fact, “said Jim Jordan, a close ally of Donald Trump.

Facebook, for its part, has acquired a reputation for laxity in terms of political content, as it frees words from officials and candidates from its fact-checking program and allows political advertising, unlike Twitter.

“Children cope very well with the Chinese virus”

Company CEO Mark Zuckerberg refused to censor the president’s announcement of the protests. Platforms do not have to play “truth men”, he insisted. But his decision provoked an uprising, including internally.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump reiterated his view on the child’s immune system before Covid-19. “Children handle the Chinese virus very well. They can catch it, but the impact on them is small if you look at the numbers in terms of mortality. Young children have very, very strong immune systems,” he said. he insisted on a press conference.

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In fact, young children represent an extreme minority of hospital admissions for Covid-19 and deaths have been very rare to date. However, studies have shown that although they are less vulnerable than adults, they can catch and transmit the disease.

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