Garcia, Lopes … Reactions after Juventus – Olympics (2-1)

The Olympics secured their place in the Champions League quarter-finals by standing up against Juventus. A qualification that Gons has completely liked.

Lyon are back in the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the first time in ten years. A successful performance thanks to a heroic performance against Juventus. Rhone lost, but the defeat by the smallest of margins was enough to pass against Ronaldo and others. At the last whistle, the players, coach and managers expressed their immense satisfaction after reaching the final 8 of the Queen’s event.

Rudi Garcia (Olympic coach at RMC Sport): “I realize the urgency. I know where we are. I have been here a few times with AS Roma. Playing against Juve is not only the best club in Italy, but it is also a team that wanted to win the Champions League. She also has a stranger in the workforce. We saw him again tonight. Despite that, we were very good during the first half. The punishment given to them is completely unfair. During the second half of the year, we suffered more until Dembélé and Reine-Adélaïde came in and gave us a second wind. But it is also a group victory. I’m happy for my players, for my president and for June. We wanted to be in Lisbon and we are there. I’m proud of our supporters and of Lyon. What did I say to my players? That there was a match to prepare for next Saturday. It’s coming fast. It will continue. We must not stay there. We will remain outsiders and that suits us well.

Anthony Lopes (Olympic goalkeeper at RMC Sport): “We suffered, but we had to go through it. We knew we were going to be hit. And that when they scored, they had to put in three to pass. We were very strong and united. It is a great collective work. We were not rewarded last Friday, but today we are for all efforts since the recovery. We have to come from Europe’s greats, but we know when we play and think as a team we will be rewarded. It’s party time in the locker room, but it’s still measured. We know what we want and where we want to go. We’re flying to Lisbon now. We will see, in a match anything is possible. We have the ambition to go higher and we owe it to ourselves to see higher. We believe in it. This solution for being European is to win this competition. We can do it. It will only be big on our way and it is up to us to show that we are a part of it. “

Leo Dubois (Olympic defender at RMC Sport): “It is true that we were scared considering the match. But we knew that by scoring goals we would put ourselves in good shape to qualify. I think we had a good game. We must not forget that it was the Italian champion who was the opposite. So we are very happy with our results and to go to Lisbon (…) I think we are aware of the results we have achieved. We have the qualities to go and play these neighborhoods. We have to go there with all our convictions. We are happy and also relieved to be part of the top 8 in Europe (…) We had a lot of time to prepare for these two matches. The first, we had also approached it. We answered presently. And there we can all be proud of ourselves.

Juninho (Olympic Sports Director at RMC Sport): “Yes, it is an achievement. We are very happy for the players and the supporters. The team showed a lot of maturity, even though we sometimes suffered. No French team has managed to get Juve out in a knockout meeting. This proves that we have developed a lot since last year. Against PSG we were not so happy. Today the score first relieved us, but we are happy with the final result (…) Today we have a team. We had talent, but we did not make too many difficulties for the opponent. There we begin to identify something together. “