Michel Aoun rejects all international investigation and mentions “a missile”

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Friday rejected all international investigations into the deadly and destructive double explosion at the port of Beirut, saying it could have been caused by negligence or a missile.

The day after Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Beirut, Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Friday, August 7, rejected all international investigations into the double explosion that occurred in the port of the Lebanese capital on Tuesday. And to say that it could have been caused by “negligence” or by a “missile”.

So far, the authorities have claimed that a fire in a receipted ammonium depot of 2,700 tonnes was the cause. This dangerous chemical had been stored for six years in a warehouse in the port “without precaution”, according to the Prime Minister himself.

Carelessness or missile? To decide, MichelAoun does not intend to respond to calls to launch an international inquiry as it “would dilute the truth”. Such an inquiry had been called for the day by French President Emmanuel Macron, the first foreign head of state to visit after the disaster.

An investigation was opened for 72 hours

At the national level, an investigation is already underway “for 72 hours”, France 24 on Friday, Rami Adwan, the Lebanese ambassador to Paris, declared. “Justice will be done [samedi] of all the investigator’s work so far, “he added.

For the ambassador, it is above all a national inquiry with the help of international experts. “On the basis of this study, with the international experts participating in it today, we will see if foreign needs are necessary to complete it, to strengthen it,” he continues, adding that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW ) had already contacted the Lebanese authorities and offered to send experts and equipment. “This investigation will be completely transparent, our country’s credibility and our future are at stake.”

Explosions in Beirut: “This investigation will be transparent”, assures Lebanese Ambassador to Paris

Regarding the hypothesis of a missile at the origin of the two explosions, made by the Lebanese president, Rami Adwan emphasizes that a “well-conducted investigation is an investigation that gives all the assumptions to concentrate on the most truthful”.

He also added that “the most true result seems to lead us to an accident due to negligence, mismanagement and lack of responsibility on the part of authorities who will be judged if those responsible are held guilty of the explosion. Savage, who has just destroyed our capital”.

The Hezbollah chief denies any involvement

Earlier today, the leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah, spoke in a television address in which he “categorically denied” that his organization had an “arsenal” in the port of Beirut.

“I categorically deny that there is anything of us in the port, neither weapons or missiles (…) nor a bomb, not a bullet or nitrate” of ammonium, hammered Hezbollah’s boss, while the media and some of the public have pointed the finger at the influential Lebanese Shiite movement.

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