Final 8 of the Champions League known

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FC Barcelona, ​​winner of Naples, and Bayern Munich, defender of Chelsea, are the last two qualified for the Final 8 in Lisbon.

With the qualifiers from FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich this Saturday, the table for the Champions League quarters is now ready. Who would have thought at the time of the announcement of the LFP to put an early end to Ligue 1 that two French clubs would be among the last eight clubs to be able to lift the cup to the big ears, five months later? None but that is still the case. With the qualifications from PSG and Olympique Lyonnais, France will be better represented than England (Manchester City) or Italy (Atalanta) during the Final 8 which will be held in Lisbon from next Wednesday.

The table for Final 8:

Atalanta Bergamo – PSG : Wednesday 12 August

RB Leipzig – Atlético Madrid: Thursday 13 August

FC Barcelona – Bayern Munich: Friday 14 August

Manchester City – Lyon : Saturday 15 August