Juve – Sarri gets angry at the question of his future

The Italian coach’s position on Bianconeri’s bench may seem threatening after elimination in the Champions League.

Maurizio Sarri has turned out to be quite pissed after a question was asked about his future after Juventus’ elimination in the Champions League. There is speculation that Sarri’s position at Old Lady is threatened despite his Serie A victory last month – with a one-point lead over Inter.

However, the Italian tactician has protested against the possibility of an upcoming dismissal and insisted that Juventus managers will make their decision on his future depending on the whole season. Sarri also added that although he was not personally shocked by rumors of his resignation, they insulted those accused of determining his fate.

“I do not think the leaders of a top club will make a decision based on a game, Sarri recounted Sky. They will evaluate the entire season. I think this type of issue is insulting, but not for me, it is insulting to the leaders. I have a contract, I will honor it and expect nothing. “

Juventus star Paulo Dybala came into the match with a left thigh injury and he held on just 14 minutes after he arrived. Sarri admitted that the decision to bring in Dybala with 20 minutes left. was a risk but insisted he would also have been criticized if the Argentine player had not been used.

“If I had come here without using Dybala, I would have been asked why I had not taken any risk with him. If not tonight, when then? It was a risk, but Douglas Costa was absent and Cuadrado had muscle problems, he warned the bench that he had difficulties, so we had to use the replacement game for Danilo and Dybala. “