London expresses concern over the influx of migrant boats from France

Britain is worried about the “unacceptable” increase in the number of small boats crossing the canal from France and will act to return “illegal” migrants, said Chris Philp, a government member responsible for immigration, said Friday night.

Chris Philp, head of immigration within the British government, on Friday (August 7) ​​expressed Britain’s concern about the “unacceptable” increase in the number of small boats crossing the canal from France. In a column published by The Telegraph, he also explains that his country will act to return “illegal” migrants.

Chris Philp writes that he will travel to Paris next week to discuss the issue and that London expects France to prevent migrants from going to sea.

Britain must also “intercept” migrants leaving France and “return” those arriving on British coasts, he adds. “The French must ensure that captured migrants trying to reach Britain by boat cannot be returned,” the British government said.

“The French authorities are fully mobilized”

For his part, The newspaper reportedthat members of the British government who demand stricter action from Paris are considering blocking the migrant boats before they reach British waters.

According to the BBC, almost 4,000 people have crossed the canal this year, aboard more than 300 small boats.

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Asked by Reuters, the French Interior Ministry said it saw an increase in attempts at intersections, especially due to “favorable weather conditions”. “The French authorities are fully mobilized to prevent these departures,” he wrote in an email.

“Three protection operations have been carried out in the last three weeks, with more than a thousand migrants. (…) Rescue efforts at sea are also carried out daily to save the men, women and children who try this crossing at the risk of their lives,” he adds.

In response to requests for reinforcement of measures formulated by London, the Home Office states that “from January to July 2020, the crossings and arrests of migrants prevented have multiplied by more than 5 compared to the same period in 2019”.

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