The leader of the opposition campaign was arrested again

For months, Belarusian authorities have intensified operations against Prime Minister Alexander Lukashenko, who is seeking a new mandate on Sunday.

New intimidation measure against the opposition in Belarus. After being briefly arrested, the head of the campaign staff of the opposition candidate for the Belarusian presidential election on Saturday, August 8, announced the rival’s headquarters to President Alexander Lukashenko. Maria Moroz was arrested. was arrested on Saturday, confirmed Anna Krasoulina, spokeswoman for opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa.

Belarus is organizing its presidential election on Sunday, with opposition to President Lukashenko, 65, including 26 in power. The ballot box opened on Tuesday in this country with 9.5 million inhabitants, with a turnout of more than 32% ago, according to authorities.

Maria Moroz “probably will not be released before Monday”, ie the day after the crash, said Anna Krasoulina, adding that the reason for her arrest was unknown. On Thursday, she was arrested by representatives of the Interior Ministry, according to opposition headquarters, after going to the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk, before she was released.

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Since the spring, following an unexpected mobilization in favor of the opposition, the Belarussian authorities have intensified operations against the head of state.

Two potential presidential candidates of August 9 were especially imprisoned, leading the wife of one of them, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, to take over, gathering all the insults of the Belarusian president behind her and gathering quantities of an outstanding scale during her meetings.

Alexandre Loukachenko, for his part, announced a conspiracy between Russian opponents and mercenaries to commit a “massacre” in an attempt to destabilize his country and seize power. He also accuses the West, especially the United States, of plotting against him.

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