A donor conference organized by the UN and France “for the future of Lebanon”

The support video conference in Lebanon, organized on Sunday by the UN and France, should mark the beginning of an “emergency and hope for the future” in the country, Elysee said on Saturday.

After the explosions in the port of Beirut and the tense demonstration organized against the Lebanese power, the donors will meet through a video conference, Sunday 9 August at 14.00, “for the future” in the country on the initiative of the UN and the UN France. Representatives of the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Jordan, Egypt must participate in particular.

Israel is “not at the round table”, according to the Élysée, but a contact “created by the UN”. Iran has “not expressed its willingness to participate”, while “the Gulf countries – Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia – have been invited”, the Elysee states that it has “no doubt” that they will be represented “.

On Saturday morning, Donald Trump tweeted “Everyone wants to help!”, Mentioning that he spoke this morning with Emmanuel Macron on the initiative of the meeting.

The French president’s entourage did not want to provide the amount of aid that could be released on Sunday, but the UN has estimated the cost of health decisions alone at $ 85 million. “The immediate goal is to provide Lebanon’s emergency needs on terms that allow support to go directly to the population,” Elysee said, referring to “consolidating damaged buildings, emergency medical services, food aid and catering for hospitals and schools.”

“The methodology is the one used by international organizations, there is a need for us not to write a blank check to the Lebanese government,” the same source continued, arguing that it was not a question of “” the amount allocated, but of efficiency”.

“Energy of despair”

On Saturday, during demonstrations in Beirut bringing together thousands of protesters in the city center, protesters led by retired officers stormed the Foreign Ministry headquarters, calling it the “headquarters of the revolution.”

For the French Presidency, the demonstrations testify to “the troubles, the distress of the people, the need for change”, by discovering “an” energy of despair but promising “. What France wants, c “is that this popular expression is taken into account, because we are at a point where the political system is cannibalizing itself, while there is a need for a large collection and for profound change,” Élysée continued.

“Lebanon is sinking, we think it has hit rock bottom, and then it’s time to get back to the surface,” the move commented on Emmanuel Macron, recalling that the French president wanted to “send a message of confidence in Lebanon’s future”, during his visit on Thursday in Beirut, and promised in particular that the aid would not go to “corruption”.

With AFP