PSG, Mbappé trained with his teammates

On the second day of the camp in Faro, Kylian Mbappé was able to perform part of PSG’s collective training.

The good news continues to come from Faro. Three days before the match between PSG and Atalanta, in connection with the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the Parisians trained this Sunday and it is a session in which Kylian Mbappé partly participated. A first for the latter, as he was put in place for injury on July 24.

According to RMC Sport, the French international striker could mix with the rest of the team to take part in an opposition. He had previously warmed up separately. A sequence that suggests that the ankle is getting better and better and that he is fit to play and also undergo contact.

No risk is taken with Mbappé

As a reminder, the former Monegasque had trained alone on Saturday. He had touched the ball and was able to make a few shots on goal. He therefore continues to gain strength and this is necessarily encouraging for a quick return to the competition. His shutdown was expected to last for three weeks, but it may well be that he was ahead of schedule.

All Parisian fans hope to see the game’s world champions next Wednesday. That seems to be the trend. However, according to the RMC, the staff in Ile-de-France do not intend to take any risk with their striker. The goal is above all to get him back on his feet for a possible C1 semifinal.