Real – Calderon: “Bale wastes his time at Real”

The former president of Real Madrid believes that the Welsh winger would do better to look elsewhere given his situation at Merengue.

He no longer plays, he spends his time in the stands and plays the clown and even asks not to travel with the group in the Champions League … The end of Gareth Bale’s season at Real Madrid is a long way for the cross.

“It’s very sad. It’s a shame to see a player like him in the stands. I think his skills and talent have not disappeared, he is still a good player who could play at a high level in any team in the world.”, said former club president Ramon Calderon in an interview with BBC.

“I think they will need to find a solution to end this anxiety for the benefit of both parties. If he does not want to lower his salary, which would be understandable, they need to find another way to end this situation.

“Apparently Zidane got what he wanted at the end of the season. He said La Liga is the main goal. I’m sure he will continue so unfortunately there is no room for Gareth Bale.

“The problem is that he still has two years on the contract. It’s sad to see him waste his time because he’s sure he’s still in good shape. It would not surprise me if they let him take out a loan by paying part of his salary. . “ It remains to be seen who will welcome him.