The Olympics win the women’s French cup

The Olympics won their 9th French Cup for women on Sunday and dominated PSG after the penalty shootout (0-0 atb 4-3).

The Olympic women’s team celebrated a new title on Sunday. Despite the absence of several leaders, the Rhone residents went on to win their 9th Coupe de France. A success achieved at the expense of their big rivals PSG, during a match played at the Stade de l’Abbé-Deschamps in Auxerre.

However, in order to get rid of Franciliennes and keep his property, Lyonnaises have to wait for the penalty kick. It was not possible to score goals in the game, they were the most skilled in this exercise. Sarah Bouhaddi, their experienced porter, was crucial in pushing back an opposite attempt.

PSG believed in it for a long time

With this triumph, it was therefore a perfect week for the Olympic club after the boys’ qualification for the Final 8 in the Champions League. Paris, on the other hand, may have regrets. Olivier Echouafi’s team is not useless at all. She did more than resist in this final and could even have won at the end of the match when the Olympics eased physically. The players in the capital have therefore not succeeded in repeating their performance in 2018.

The Olympics have in the best possible way prepared their Champions League quarter-final against Bayern, scheduled for August 22. PSG, for their part, will have to pull together to present themselves under the best conditions for their duel against Arsenal, and also count for this women’s C1. The two best French teams could also find themselves in the final of this prestigious event.