New Zealand wants to create a tourist bubble with the Cook Islands

New Zealand and the Cook Islands want to allow tourists to travel between the two territories, which are performing well in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic.

New Zealand plans to create a “bubble” with the Small Cook Islands to promote trade between two territories that have managed to contain the spread of the new corona virus, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Monday (August 10).

The head of government explained that such a corridor, where travel would be possible without the need for quarantine, was possible thanks to the two countries’ good results in the fight against Covid-19.

“We hope this can be introduced before the end of the year,” she told reporters, warning that caution should be exercised.

In New Zealand, no pollution for more than a hundred days

New Zealand has only 22 deaths from the new coronavirus and has not registered any cases of local transmission of the disease in more than 100 days. The Cook Islands declared themselves free of the virus in mid-April.

The small archipelago would no doubt be the great recipient of such a “bubble.” Jacinda Ardern estimated that 60% of the people who travel to the Cook Islands before the pandemic were New Zealanders.

However, caution prevails as New Zealand had considered such a “bubble” with Australia a few months ago, a project that has been postponed indefinitely due to the second wave of epidemics on the island continent.

Everyone arriving in New Zealand must now follow a 14-day quarantine period.

New Zealanders, for their part, live an almost normal life, without any social distance instruction, as the public is once again taken up in arenas and during sporting events.

With AFP