Special program: discover Togo

Afrique Hebdo moves to Togo to introduce you to this country, nicknamed “The Smile of Africa”.

We will first go to a place that arouses curiosity: the Voodoo market, the Lomé fetish market.

We then take the northern road to explore Koutammakou. This region, home to the Batammariba people, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004, a living testimony to a traditional African culture that has a deep respect for nature.

Dedicated rapper Yao Bobby, a conscientious objector, also talks about the “Désenchainés” festival, which aims to promote Togolese culture and advocates a return to its origins rather than copying American and European artists.

We will also look at initiatives aimed at making Lomé greener. The long nickname “Lomé trash can” has given the capital the birth of companies and civic movements that clean it up and make it greener, especially through recycling.

Finally, to finish, a culinary tasting, the one of fufu, a yam-based dish that the Togolese people are crazy about!