Bordeaux – Frédéric Longuépée responds to the Ultramarines

Girondins de Bordeaux’s president advocated an appeal on Tuesday night, while club supporters continue to demand his resignation.

It’s no secret: in Bordeaux the atmosphere is tense between Frédéric Longuépée and the supporters. In fact, the president of the Navy and the White House is in sight of the club’s ultras, who have not appreciated his leadership in recent months and are demanding his resignation. While Paulo Sousa was replaced by Jean-Louis Gasset as coach on Monday, this was probably not enough to appease the Ultramarines, forcing Frédéric Longuépée to react on Tuesday night.

“Battles must not be sterile”

“As long as it stays good-natured, it’s not a problem. The intrusion into premises rented by the club must not become a habit. I understand that they had come for a picnic on the lawn on the Haillan website, so we’ll talk about a summer crew. At that time, the fighting must not be sterile and must be constructive. “, the leader explained, on the radio waves of radio France Bleu Gironde, before giving an optimistic speech.

Atalanta-PSG, Thomas Tuchel: “Mbappé will be in the team”

“I remind you, we just kept a coach who brought the last title to this club, a sports director who was trained here. The sports structure in the gym consists of former players who maintain the heritage, the culture, the history of this club, perfectly in line with our desire to anchor the club in its region, so all this will be done in the Gironde spirit, “ added Frédéric Longuépée. While the supporters demand his resignation, you are not sure that this exit is enough …