Maxwell wants to return to PSG

Currently in Brazil, Maxwell has admitted that he misses life in the French capital as much as Paris Saint-Germain.

Exemplary player for PSG then dream sports coordinator for the main club, Maxwell left Paris in the summer of 2019 to return to Brazil and be closer to his family. But Paris is already missing the Brazilian, a little less than two years after his departure. The former left-back still occupies a role as ambassador in his country for PSG, but this has nothing to do with his previous position which requires him to invest daily. In an interview with Le Parisien, Maxwell admitted that he wants to return one day to PSG’s structure.

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“I hope to return to Paris because I am very attached to PSG. Today I represent it as Ambassador to Brazil, but one day I hope to work there again. My hope and desire is always to return. After that it depends on the club. , whether I am useful or not Yes, I miss everyday life a lot. We had worked hard to start the group that is there today. I am still attached to many players, I also manage well with the staff, the project is ambitious, and I miss not to work every day to take the club higher “, explained the previous left side.

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The Brazilian appreciated his conversion to PSG: “My role as sports coordinator? It was a very difficult role. Because I came out of a locker room where I had partners, friends and there I knew the club’s strategy for each case. Lucas, it was hard to live with, but not just Pastore also, Blaise too. They are boys I was very attached to. It was difficult, but it was a way to learn, to adapt to my new role. I want to continue working in the football administration and live different projects. I left for to be with my children in Brazil, but the goal is to continue in the football world.

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Maxwell returned to Neymar’s transfer in 2017 where he explained his impact: “My role in getting Neymar? First it was important that Neymar wanted to come to PSG. It was he who paved the way for a transfer. Then many people worked, and I I tried to participate where I needed. I used my proximity to Neymar for to explain to him the club’s sports project and what role he would play in it.

“I talk a lot with the people in the club, not every day, but I stay informed. I also have friends among the players. I call them to find out if everything is going well, if their families are okay. In these moments when the virus “has changed everyday life for all of us. Do I hear from Neymar? Not regularly but from time to time. I take personal and family news, because I came well with his move. At the moment, I feel he is happy.”, finished Brazilian.