restaurants in great difficulty in the United States

In Washington, since the advent of the new coronavirus, restaurants have been operating at a slow pace, like the Liberté Brewery. To remain open, the owner of this facility has chosen to work at a loss. Because despite strict compliance with sanitary measures, customers are still not back.

Like many restaurants in Washington, the Liberté Brewery has struggled to maintain its activity since Covid-19 appeared.

Due to the lack of customers, Didier Palange, the owner of the facility, therefore decided to work at a loss. Formerly serving 300 customers a day, the restaurant now has to settle for about 40 seats a day. In the kitchen, the chef has divided his staff by four and employs his clerks in turn to guarantee them a minimum income.

Turnover in free fall

However, Didier Palange has adapted to the new sanitation rules. For example, he installed markers on the bar to help customers respect physical distance.

The situation of this brewery affected by the health crisis is just one example. InGeorgetown, one of the most popular areas in the American capital, restaurateurs have registered since March last year a reduction in their turnover from 50 to 70%, depending on the facility.