Ronaldo: “Portugal is an excellent choice for Final 8”

Real’s former glory, Banco Santander, one of the Champions League sponsors, welcomed the choice that led to Portugal.

After long months of waiting and organizing, the famous “Final 8” begins improvised by UEFA on Wednesday night in Lisbon with a collision between Atalanta Bergamo and Paris Saint-Germain, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The health crisis requires all meetings until the end of the competition will take place in the Portuguese capital to protect as much as possible the various actors. A wise choice according to Ronaldo.

“The country is fantastic and very well prepared”

“Portugal is a good choice for Final 8. The country is fantastic and very well prepared. They have proven to the world that they have handled the Covid-19 crisis very well. I am sure it will be a perfect choice.”, declared Real Madrid and Seleçao’s former glory, became ambassador for Banco Santander, one of the Champions League sponsors. According to the Brazilian, playing in the Champions League on Portuguese soil was an opportunity to be caught.

Marco Verratti joined the PSG group in Lisbon

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit the country and watch this fantastic Champions League final phase”, Ronaldo added. It remains to be seen whether the health protocol will enable competition to function smoothly. One thing is for sure, when the team is out in the field, the team will be anxious to go as far as possible and stick to their dreams. The conflicts, which are played in a single confrontation, therefore have nothing to do with matches by default … Must be the best win.