Stade Rennais qualified for the next group stage in C1

Thanks to the qualifiers between Inter Milan, Manchester United, Sevilla FC and Chakhtior Donetsk, Stade Rennais will see the hens on C1.

We know that the last ones qualified for the last four in the Europa League: it will be Chakhtior Donetsk and Sevilla FC. The Ukrainians actually qualified thanks to their big win against FC Basel, while FC Sevilla got their ticket by taking the best of English Wolverhampton.

Rennes qualified for the next group stage

Two qualifications added to Manchester United and Inter Milan, which indirectly benefit the Stade Rennais. And for good reason, the Bretons are now guaranteed to play in the group stage of the next Champions League! A first in the club’s history.

Europa League – Chakhtior and Sevilla FC reach the last four

As a reminder, third in the recent French championship, Stade Rennais is preparing to play the third preliminary round of the Champions League in the coming weeks. Unless the winner of the Europa League was directly qualified for the group stage in the next edition of C1 … What Happened?