the situation in France is going “in the wrong direction”, warns Jean Castex

To limit the risk of a second wave in France, the Prime Minister will ask the prefects to increase the wearing of masks in public spaces. Events with more than 5,000 people will be banned until October 30.

Prevention of Covid-19 is stepping up in France, while the trip to Montpellier warned Prime Minister Jean Castex on Tuesday, August 11, of the risk of a second wave, assuring that Covid epidemic 19 was “going in the wrong direction.”

“For about two weeks, the epidemiological situation, which we are monitoring very closely, is developing in the wrong direction,” he said from the University Hospital (CHU) in Montpellier, Hérault. Nearly 5,000 new cases of contamination were registered between Friday and Monday, August 10, according to figures from Public Health France. The Directorate-General for Health believes that the virus’s circulation is increasing, especially among young people.

To prevent a new epidemic, the government asked prefects and local elected officials to “extend the obligation to wear a mask in public places as far as possible”, he explained, assuring that “if we do not react collectively, we are at high risk for epidemic resumption “.

“It will once again tense the entire health chain, from urban medicine to hospital services, it will also put pressure on our economy, our education system, our collective and cultural life,” the head of government, a few hours after a defense council meeting on the subject.

The congregation bans until October 30

Another precautionary measure, events involving more than 5,000 people will be banned until October 30, the prime minister said. The prefects will have “the opportunity to deviate from it with verification of strict respect for the sanitary instructions”, he added and reminded that “we can not expect everything from public authorities, everyone exercises some of the responsibility”.

Jean Castex also announced a strengthening of controls “for compliance with all rules designed to prevent the spread of the virus: respect for barrier gestures, wearing the mask”, especially in restaurants, or “by declaring meetings of more than ten people”.

“We will also need to strengthen measures to ensure the efficiency of what is called fourteen or isolation,” he continued. “Above all, avoid backtracking, a major re-inclusion, it is important and it is within reach,” the prime minister concluded.

France has registered 1,397 more pollutants in the past 24 hours, for a total of 204,172 confirmed cases since the epidemic began, the French Public Health Agency reported on Tuesday. In 24 hours, the epidemic caused 15 more deaths, for a total charge of 30,354, adds the National Agency for Public Health.

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