Atalanta-PSG, Paisley sees four keys in the meeting

Passed by PSG in the late 1990s, the consultant, now a Serie A specialist, watched the quarter-finals of C1.

Attalanta is attractive, surprising, but also unknown to the public, and will face Paris Saint-Germain tonight in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, in a dry match. In France, the third in Serie A is probably a mystery, it must be said that the supporters of this club are few and the matches a bit watched. BeIN Sports Consultant and Series A commentator for the channel, Grégory Paisley has seen this team develop this season. The defender passed Paris between 1996 and 2001 revealed the keys to the meeting in an interview with Le Parisien.

Atalanta-PSG: Tuchel blurs the tracks

“If Mbappé had been there 100%. He could have crushed them. His speed and depth can change everything. He is level B because he can not be level A. In thirty minutes he can turn everything around. There is no defense in the world that can withstand him. It all depends on his form. His speed can change everything. In the meantime, it will be Neymar to take his responsibility. In one-on-one he can achieve huge differences. It is especially through his quality of the pass on the last thirty meters he can crack the block of Begame. By looking for Icardi, who knows this team well “, argued Grégory Paisley.

“Atalanta is not going fast behind”

“It was really Atalanta’s downside: the defensive animation. She managed to find a certain balance. She’s so far that she sometimes forgets. Works in this team, at a level I’ve rarely seen since I was in the commentary. This clearing job has done well for a while and she’s more airtight. She has a high block, with tight lines.“added consultant beIN Sports.

Pauleta: “The opportunity is huge for PSG”

Grégory Paisley was obviously aware of Atalanta’s famous pressure: “Atalanta’s pressure suffocates the opponent. That’s the whole point for PSG: intensity. Learning from the two cup finals is impossible. Atalanta are there to play the game, settle in the opponent’s camp and constantly harass. It is impressive. She keeps the whole game. We think it will have air holes and there are not that many ”.

“How to find the correctness of the ball’s exit? PSG will receive waves without stopping. Solution: Paris puts its foot on the ball and does not undergo any more pressure. It is up to PSG to turn the balance of power. Anyway, it’s up to it. “Paris team to make the difference. It’s normal its strength. It’s good to be careful with Atalanta, but you should not be afraid of it. Paris must play with its strengths”, concluded the former defender.