DJ Arafat, celebrated one year after his death on the streets of Abidjan

Kadri Abdou is the name of the Nigerian guide who was killed with French humanitarian workers and their drivers last Sunday in Kouré. The 50-year-old was well respected in his village.

Where is the tourism in Tunisia? The health crisis has inevitably had consequences for the key sector of the country’s economy, which employs 400,000 people. Despite the reopening of the borders at the end of June and the fact that many health restrictions were lifted, tourists are hardly.

It was August 12, 2019, fans of DJ ARAFAT got to know about his disappearance in a motorcycle accident. The king of the coupe shift was killed a year ago to the day at the age of 33. A year later, his fans have not forgotten him. In the streets of Abidjan they celebrate his memory.