Hong Kong terminates extradition agreements with France and Germany

The extradition treaties that bind Hong Kong to France and Germany have expired, the Hong Kong government announced on Wednesday, deploring the fact that the two capitals have politicized co-operation on legal issues.

Hong Kong announced on Wednesday, August 12, the suspension of extradition treaties with France and Germany, days after these two European countries took similar action in protest of the reduction of freedoms in the city.

“The two countries have politicized legal cooperation, undermining the foundations of legal cooperation between Hong Kong, Germany and France,” the Hong Kong government said in a statement.

In early August, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs had shown that “in the light of recent developments” in the former British colony, France had refrained from ratifying the extradition agreement signed on 4 May 2017 between Paris and the territory. semi-autonomous.

Westerners reject national security legislation

A few days earlier, the German Foreign Ministry had made a similar announcement, citing recent “events”.

Prior to Paris and Berlin, several Western countries – Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand – had announced similar measures in response to national security legislation in force in the Special Autonomous Region since 30 June, aimed at sanctioning “subversion, isolation, terrorism and collusion”. with foreign forces “.

This law was introduced in response to the 2019 Hong Kong monster protests against Beijing’s influence, and fears critics of an unprecedented reduction in freedoms that the former British colony has enjoyed since its return to China in 1997.

With AFP