“I remember a wave that came over us like in the movies”

Beirutis are injured and traumatized by the double explosion on August 4 and tell France 24 how they experienced the two explosions when they thought they were witnessing a fire. Testimony.

From his balcony, Imad Khalila began filming and broadcasting live on social networks, which later became a fire. Until the explosions. “I was filming quietly, I thought it was fireworks and a simple fire,” a Beirut resident told France 24. “I did not expect this at all. When the first explosion occurred, I did not even have time to think about it, and whatever.” “All I remember is when I saw the big explosion, it created like a wave that came over us. Like what we see in the movies.”

His wife Lina Khalil also testifies to the shock. “I opened my eyes wide, perhaps to understand what was happening, I do not know. I started looking for Imad. I said, ‘Imad, where are you?’ saw and found Imad lying on the ground in the blood. There it was very hard. Very difficult. “

About 28,500 Beirutis lived within one kilometer after the explosion and almost 550,000 within a radius of 2.3 kilometers. The clouds and the mushroom were seen for miles by hundreds of thousands of Lebanese. The sound of the explosion was heard as far away as Cyprus.