Neymar releases the happy cup before Atalanta

On the side of the quarter against Atalanta Bergamo, Neymar got his happy hairstyle and delivered a message to PSG supporters.

Neymar has often been ridiculed in recent years for missing the big moments of PSG due to injuries. Neymar will be there on Wednesday night at the Estadio de la Luz to face Atalanta Bergamo in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Necessarily expected especially with the uncertainty surrounding Kylian Mbappé, the Brazilian seems to be ready as rarely. He also wanted to deliver a message to PSG supporters to show his motivation. “Play as if it’s my last game of my life. Give everything yours. You have to be focused and united and pay attention every minute.”

Words that should calm the capital and history to put all chances on his side, Neymar returned to a happy cup. He announced it on Wednesday on social networks, after undergoing popular pressure.

A “Moicano” cut out as in his younger years with the Santos shirt. Still a few hours to wait before seeing the final result.