Rennes, Holveck: “Qualification provides more collateral in the transfer window”

The president of the Stade Rennais showed his joy after the qualification of the Breton club for the group stages in the Champions League.

History! Stade Rennais will really play the Champions League next season, and all without having to play any play-offs. With the qualifications from Sevilla FC, Shakhtar, Inter and Manchester United for the last four of the European league, the Breton club is automatically qualified by the group stages in the most prestigious European competition. Asked to react to the qualification of his club for the group stage in the Champions League at the microphone to L’Equipe du Soir, Nicolas Holveck did not hide his joy at not having to do preliminary rounds at the beginning of the school year.

Stade Rennais qualified for the next group stage in C1

“It’s a great satisfaction, no relief, because we were not an actor, just an observer. But it’s a very great joy. Above all, it removes some uncertainty. We now know where we are going. This already removes three “matches in September. Now the coach, Julien Stéphan, will be able to prepare his team for these deadlines. And, we will make it possible for us to have more security for the transfer window.”, the president of the Stade Rennais responded.

“We will not recruit a big name”

Nicolas Holveck mentioned the transfer window for Stade Rennais: “The transfer window will not be oriented differently. We already had well-defined goals. We still had three positions (two central defenders and one central striker) to fill. I had said that in qualifying in the Champions League we could expand the workforce further. We can eventually recruit a few more and expand the workforce for the Champions League.

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“Guirassy and Tomori? In any case, there are positions that need to be filled, we are looking for central defenders and a central striker. These are positions that we want to fill with Florian Maurice. We are looking to compose a well-balanced team. These are not the names that If Rennes is there, it’s because there’s a well – built and balanced team, with strong points everywhere, and we should want to improve it, and that’s not going to happen with a big name that is safe, but rather with very good players “, added the former AS Monaco.

Nicolas Holveck, on the other hand, was adamant about Eduardo Camavinga’s future. The great hope for French football will not leave the club this summer: “Eduardo Camavinga’s file started a very long time ago. We already knew where we wanted to go. I think it’s a great satisfaction to play this competition with his training club for him, but what is certain is that he will spend the season with us (…) Which opponent do you want in the group stage? Why not Real Madrid, who I have never met “.