The American channel Fox News will soon be available for streaming in 20 countries

The famous American news channel Fox News, marked to the right, will be available on request in 20 countries by the end of the year, announced on Tuesday its parent company, Fox Corp.

It’s one of Donald Trump’s favorite channels. On Tuesday, August 11, Fox Corp., owned by magnet Rupert Murdoch, announced the launch of a new subscription service on demand for the popular news channel Fox News and for the Fox Business Network.

Named Fox News International and priced at $ 6.99 per month, the service will be available in 20 countries by the end of the year, the group said.

It will be launched in Mexico on August 20, followed by Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom on September 17. A cable or satellite subscription is not necessary.

Fox is the latest in a series of media companies to turn to streaming to reach a larger, international audience. A similar service is already available to the American public, known as Fox Nation.

Last year, the group sold a large portion of its film and entertainment business to Disney, including the 21st Century Fox studio.

With AFP