The Japanese shipowner was already involved in several accidents

The Japanese company that operates the boat stranded off Mauritius Island has already been involved in several accidents, including an oil spill in 2006 in the Indian Ocean. The race against time continues to end the oil spill.

Two weeks after the accident with the bulk carrier MV Wakashio, which struck a reef off the coast of Mauritius, Mitsui OSK Lines, the Japanese company that operates the ship, announced that 1,180 tonnes of fuel had already been spilled. in Mauritius waters.

“We confirm that the crack in the hull of the boat has widened. As the ship can not navigate autonomously, it is moored to a tugboat, so it will not drift even if it breaks,” said a statement from the company, stating that 1,800 tons fuel oil is still on board the ship.

This accident, which today represents an ecological disaster for Mauritius, is not the first in which the Japanese company is involved. In 2006, the oil tanker Bright Artemis, which she operated, was damaged when she tried to save the crew of another ship, which caused an estimated four crude oils to leak into the Indian Ocean. 500 tons.

The leak has taken place offshore, it was decided to allow the sludge to be diluted and evaporated, the company believes that it was unlikely that the oil reached the coast.

Mitsui OSK Lines was also involved in other accidents, including the sinking of one of its 2013 container vessels in the Indian Ocean.

The company operates more than 700 vessels

The history of the Tokyo-based shipping company dates back to 1878, when the trading company Mitsui & Co began operating a steamboat connection between Nagasaki and Shanghai.

In the large conglomerate (“zaibatsu”) Mitsui, maritime operations were expanded in the 1930s to passenger transport between Japan and the American continent. Convicted of the Mitsui Steamship in 1942 and used, like many other Japanese private companies, for military transportation before and during World War II.

After surviving the post-war chaos, the company participated in the “Japanese miracle” by participating in the export of Japanese cars and the import of natural gas from the archipelago, which is poor in natural resources. Named Mitsui OSK Lines in 1999, it now operates approximately 740 vessels worldwide and employs over 1,000 people.

The bulk company MV Wakashio, launched in 2007, is owned by the Japanese company Nagashiki, based in Wakayama (west). He had passed his annual inspection without any problems in March, according to NGO ClassNK.

With AFP