George, the child born in full explosion in Beirut

Emotions and anger are still high in Beirut a week after the double explosion. But this drama also led to a simply amazing story. That of a birth that took place just at the time of the explosion and which fortunately ended well.

On Tuesday, August 4, the city of Beirut collapsed in a terrible explosion. At the same time as a birth is taking place, Emmanuelle Lteif Khnaître is giving birth to her child when the hospital is hit by a giant explosion. The windows are broken and the electrical outlet.

“I saw death with my own eyes. I thought it was the end. I looked around, sure the roof would fall on us. I did not know what to do but George had to be born, and there you are, now I have a healthy child, ”said the young mother with relief.

“A light in the dark”

Despite the explosion, the midwives try to deliver the baby in extreme conditions. To get light, caregivers are forced to use their mobile phones.

Since the city is in chaos and the number of injured is in the thousands, the birth of little George is a beacon of hope. “George is a very special baby. He is light in the dark and happiness in chaos,” said his father, Edmond Khn song.

For her parents, the priority now is to build a future as a family in a country that is struggling to heal its wounds.