indicators continue to deteriorate in France

With 2,669 new contaminants within 24 hours, the development of the new coronavirus in France is the highest since the end of the containment. The public health agency Francenote, however, that the number of hospitalized patients continues to decrease.

The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) sounded the alarm in August. “The situation is worrying: all indicators continue to increase and the transmission of the Sars-CoV-2 virus is increasing,” DGS said in a weekly bulletin published on Thursday, August 13.

Main concern, the number of newly confirmed cases “increases regularly”, she notes. In the last 24 hours, 2,699 new cases have been discovered, DGS states in its new daily report. And the increase in cases, between 3 and 9 August, “is more important among 15-44 year olds (+ 46%) in the metropolitan area of ​​France”, according to its weekly report.

We must return to April 27 to find a trace of a more serious increase in cases in one day. And after the 2,524 more cases registered on Wednesday, the situation remains at levels that have not been reached since the gradual lifting of the containment on 11 May.

Fewer cases in the Mayenne, but more in the neighboring Sarthe

By defeating a predetermined idea, DGS emphasizes a “number of people increasing in hospitals in increase over three weeks, especially among those under 40” in metropolitan France, in this weekly light.

The proportion of positive cases is declining in some areas of concern in July, such as Guyana, where it rose to 122 per 100,000 inhabitants last week from 155 in the last seven days. But in Guyana and Mayotte, if the epidemic is “going down”, it “remains at a high level of vulnerability”. And if the proportion of positive cases decreases in the Mayenne, they increase in the neighboring Sarthe.

With regard to hospital admissions, on the other hand, the statistics continue to decline overall. France has 4,864 patients with a Covid-19 infection in their hospitals on Thursday compared to 4,871 on Wednesday, or 27 fewer patients in 24 hours.

In intensive care, the number of patients with a serious illness also dropped to 374 occupied beds, or five less than the day before, and a level that essentially corresponded to the situation on 31 July (there were then 371 beds occupied in resuscitation services from French hospitals). However, the Directorate-General for Health notes that new hospital admissions (+201 in one day) and intensive care (+25) are increasing.

If we look at the resuscitation map, Île-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France and Grand Est account for 69% of the patients concerned. The death toll amounts to a total of 30,388 people in France (ie 17 more in 24 hours).

Gendarmes and Saint-Tropez were affected

Behind all these figures, the news is that the virus can be spread everywhere. Fifty celebrities from Tarbes, who returned from a mission in Polynesia, tested positive for Covid-19, we learned on Thursday from Hautes-Pyrénées prefecture. One of these sex jewels was taken to hospital.

Cases have also been reported in a detention center in the Seine-et-Marne, but also among employees of a Fnac store in Paris and in the Galeries Lafayette.

And in Saint-Tropez, after the party, it’s a hangover. The Sénéquier Café, a world-famous emblem, announced on Thursday that it would close for two weeks due to two cases of Covid-19 among its employees, a few days after the curtain was lowered by other facilities in Saint-Trop ‘.

Since this week, the medical and political fields have been troubled. Prime Minister Jean Castex, fearful of returning to a health care system “under pressure”, on Tuesday called on the French to pull together to avoid a resumption of the epidemic. He also asked to wear a mask despite the heat wave and asked the prefects to extend their duty in public spaces.

With AFP and Reuters