Joe Biden and Kamala Harris promise to “rebuild” America after Trump

On Wednesday, Joe Biden officially introduced his running mate, Kamala Harris, and proclaimed his many merits and promised to “rebuild” the country after Donald Trump’s stand in the White House.

Joe Biden, “ideal and reliable”, “transparent and one-dimensional”, was enthroned on Wednesday 12 August with his new roommate Kamala Harris in an almost empty room due to the pandemic. In a solemn tone, the candidate for Maison Blanch along with the senator compromised to “rebuild” the United States if they defeated Donald Trump in November.

“I had a choice, but I have no doubt that I chose the right person” for this election, “which is crucial for this country,” said former Vice President Barack Obama, 77, after his lengthy running mate election process. “I look forward to working with all of them to rebuild the country,” he added.

“A weeping lack of leadership”

With Kamala Harris, Joe Biden makes an already historic choice: this Jamaican and Indian immigrant daughter is the first black and South Asian-born running mate in a major party and would become the first female vice president of the states -United if they won the election on November 3.

Under the gaze of Kamala Harris, who was listening to him sitting on a simple chair on the platform, Joe Biden then spoke of “little girls”, especially “the little girls in color who so often feel forgotten and underestimated”.

But “today they see themselves differently for the first time: with a president or a vice president,” he said.

Then the former prosecutor spoke with an equally serious tone, in a speech laced with smiles as they talked about their families and the memory of the candidate’s son, Beau Biden, who died in 2015, whom she knew well.


“The most meaningful, the most horrible, the most contemptible”

“America is in dire need of a leader. And yet we have a president who cares more about him than those who elected him,” she said.

“We are investigating our conscience in the face of racism and widespread injustice,” the California senator added.

Donald Trump’s attacks on Kamala Harris were not long in coming Tuesday: “The meanest, most horrible, most despicable of the entire US Senate.” “I think it will fail,” he added Wednesday. And the Trump team for founding the “Kamala imposture” comes from the “radical left”. In return, Joe Biden thanked the president, used to “whine”: “Does anyone surprise Donald Trump with problems with a strong woman or strong women in general?” Signs of the times, the candidates and their men arrived masked on stage.

The management of the current pandemic

They condemned the president’s handling of the pandemic and the deep economic crisis that hit the United States.

“Donald Trump is just trying to blow the flames with his policies that are drawn from a racist discourse and cause divisions,” Joe Biden continued.

The new tandem leaves an advantage: Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump, 74, by a comfortable margin in the average of national votes (+7.3 percentage points according to the average of the RealClearPolitics website) but also in several important states.

In any case, the duo has already electrified the donors: The Democratic candidate announced on Wednesday night that he had raised $ 26 million in 24 hours.

Kamala Harris was twice criticized as a prosecutor in San Francisco (2004-2011), then twice the Attorney General of California (2011-2017), by some progressives for taking too harsh positions at the time.

elevee to act

She was the first woman, but also the first black person, to lead the judiciary in the country’s most populous state. In January 2017, she responded to the Senate in Washington and registered as the first woman to come from South Asia and only the second black senator in American history.

“I grew up acting. My mother knew she was raising two black girls who would be treated differently because of their appearance,” the senator said.

While in March he promised to choose a woman for his running mate, Joe Biden faced increasing pressure to choose a black candidate since George Floyd was killed in late May.

Especially since the former vice president is partly to blame for his appointment as a black voter who offered him a resounding victory in South Carolina in the primary.

The candidate and his running companion still experienced tense moments during the primary, when the latter attacked him in his previous positions before segregation.

But the fact that he rightly chose her despite this collision emerged among Democrats, who see it as a good sign of his ability to lead. “I asked Kamala to (…) always tell me the truth,” said Joe Biden.

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