LOSC, Jonathan David: “Aim as high as possible”

The new LOSC center justified his sporting choices. The Canadian privileged playing time to continue to develop.

Lille has already found Victor Osimhen’s successor. After several weeks of negotiations with Ghent, LOSC Jonathan David formalized the arrival at the beginning of the week against the record amount of 27 million euros, excluding bonuses. The Canadian, the most expensive newcomer in Lille’s history, is considered a big leap and will quickly join the Mastiffs, who are left on an 18-minute season in the Belgian league.

Lille – Rookie Jonathan David’s first words

Jonathan David was presented to the media on Thursday and revealed the reasons for the choice to join Lille: “I am very happy to be here. It is the club that I chose to continue my career. The first days went very well, I heard everything, I was introduced to the clubs and to the group. I am in a period of adjustment The most expensive player to leave Belgium? It’s an honor for me to have cost so dear. That’s how it is. It’s up to me to perform on the pitch, c “is so easy”.

“I’m no longer a real number nine”

“I was convinced because I know I will continue to play here and that’s what I wanted. I want to improve and get better. There is a very good team here and very good players. Had a very good season in Ghent, frankly , but it was time for a new challenge. The system will be a bit different as this will be a flat 4-4-2. But the tactics decided by the coach, Christophe Galtier, will please me and agree very well with my game style. My goal for goal? I say nothing to myself. I try to aim as high as possible“, added the Canadian.

Official – Lille recruits Angel Gomes

The new Lille striker was influenced by Victor Osimhen’s stint with the Mastiffs: “It’s a very good Ligue 1 club. I liked the sports project, I discussed it a lot with Luis Campos. All of this encouraged me to come here. That Osimhen played in Belgium played? Yes, it had a small influence, because it comes from Belgium and we can say that we have a similar background. It played a bit. It might be good for me, as it did for him. Osimhen is an outstanding player who has had a fantastic season here but we are different players and everyone has their own path“.

Jonathan David described his profile to those who do not know him: “I know how to find the positions to score goals, that’s one of my strengths. I think I can play in any system, but I will play where I am placed and do my best. I’m no longer a real number nine, but I can also go back and combine, which is why people sometimes say I have qualities of ten. In Ghent, I had freedom in the game, I could be where I wanted, but I had defensive efforts to do. The price of my transfer? It does not bother me at all. It’s nothing at all “.