Mohamed Ajroudi still believes in the acquisition of OM

While rumors suggest they had abandoned their plan, Mohammed Ajroudi and his associates were still targeting OM.

No, Mohamed Ajroudi and his friends from the bay have not yet given up on the idea of ​​buying OM. While rumors of a now abandoned operation have been recalled, it turns out that the French-Tunisian businessman and the investors who accompany him are still trying to adapt the prestigious French club.

On Thursday, the Wingate Investment Bank, which has been tasked with talking to the current Olympic owners, issued a statement saying the talks are still ongoing: “We continue to discuss in a professional and confidential manner and without pressure from either the press or anyone else.”

This statement is equally surprising in that Franck McCourt and his representatives emphatically denied any rapprochement or negotiation with those who court their property. A complaint was even filed to condemn Ajroudi’s and his clan’s alleged illegal practices.

Ajroudi did not set a deadline

“Unlike a published controversy, the time limit of their offer to Mr. Frank McCourt and the extra offer of attention from the City Hall of Marseille (for the Velodrome Stadium) is not an ultimatum for the club, its shareholders or Marseille City Hall, Wingate continued. It is simply the fact that our customers are aware of the time required for the remaining work to prepare the club to meet their next deadlines and sports challenges. “

The takeover’s soap opera, which has been animating the news about the Olympian club since the beginning of the summer, is therefore far from over. A real annoyance for André Villas-Boas, who believed in being able to concentrate definitively on sports issues, with this start of the championship planned in less than two weeks.