Barça – Bayern (2-8), an irresistible Bayern affect a historic route on Barça

Bayern Munich did short work of Barça during their C1 quarter. Munich has even drawn a historic success (8-2).

Bayern-Barcelona would be the most controversial quarterback in the Champions League Final 8. He was only halfway through the first period. Although he had managed to respond to the first blow of the banderilla from his opponent, the Catalan club does not weigh heavily in this poster. Worse is that it was completely condensed in the face by an irresistible steam roller. It was 8-2 on the scoreboard in the end. An outstanding point in this competition stage, and above all a terribly devastating goal gap for Barça.

For the first time in its history, Barça finished 4 goals at half time. And it happened twice in this game. These simple statistics are sufficient to measure the experience experienced by Blaugrana. They cheated until Munich scored their second goal through Ivan Perisic (22, 1-2). Earlier, and after the opener from Thomas Muller (4th, 0-1) was interrupted by a CSC from David Alaba (7th, 1-1), Messi missed two opportunities to give his team the advantage (10th and 20th). : e). Tests that are no longer represented and Bayern could quietly perform their reason.

A ruthless Bayern against a barca in the bay

Munich was just too strong for their opponents. They concretized their nitrogen content and they had the merit of supporting where it hurt, especially by planting three advances in quick succession during the first act. After Perisic, Serge Gnabry (28, 1-3) and Thomas Muller (31, 1-4) did in favor of the Germans. Drowned in their shortcomings, Quique Sétiens men sank and many saw them suffer the same fate as Brazil against Germany in the semifinals of the World Cup 2014. Right, although Messi and others have done experienced a period of time in the middle of the game.

The break allowed Spain’s vice-champions to slow down the bleeding, but not stop it. The reduction of the score on Luis Suarez (57th), after a fine on Jérome Boateng, even gave hope for a crazy end to the match. It underestimated Bayern’s ability to revolt after a booster shot, and it was mainly to exaggerate the ability of this Barça. This team simply did not have the level to compete with a favorite in the European coronation.

Half an hour too long for Barça

The last half hour of the match, and despite the qualifier already in his pocket, the girls gang regained the ascent and humiliated their rival on the day a little more. Alphonse Davies reviewed the Azulgrana full-back before serving Joshua Kimmich on a plateau (63, 2-5). It was then Robert Lewandowski’s turn to bring his stone to the building with a triumphant title (82, 2-6). And finally, the humiliation reached its peak for the Catalans when Philippe Coutinho, the player who belongs to them, came to get the final touch to this festival by hitting a double (85th and 89th).

8-2, that was the end result of this one-sided game. A correction that FC Barcelona has never known in its history, and this route risks causing a serious headache and the Catalans’ pride. For Bayern, on the other hand, it is a show and a journey that solidifies their ambitions. Lewandowski and his teammates are more than ever the favorite to win C1.