Britain quarantines travelers arriving from France

From Saturday, London will impose a quarantine on six more countries, including France and the Netherlands, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Paris says it regrets the British decision and warns that a “reciprocity measure” will be implemented.

The United Kingdom announced on Thursday, 13 August, the reintroduction of quarantine for travelers from France but also from the Netherlands, Monaco, Malta and Turks & Caicos and Aruba due to the increase in Covid-19 pollutants in these countries.

The measure takes effect on Saturday after kl. 16.00 and can cause a massive return on about 500,000 British tourists who are currently on holiday in France.

It is a “decision we regret and which will lead to a reciprocity measure and hope for a return to normalcy as soon as possible”, reacted in the wake of the French Secretary for European Affairs Clément Beaune on his Twitter account.

According to the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), the indicators for monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic in France “continue to deteriorate” with a number of newly confirmed cases “increasing regularly”.

The most deprived country in Europe

The United Kingdom initially imposed a global quarantine on all visitors arriving in its territory but then exempted some countries from this measure based on the presence of the virus in them. But London had reintroduced the quarantine for travelers from Spain by the end of July, surprising airlines and thousands of Britons as holidays in the country. The British government did the same last week for Andorra, Belgium and the Bahamas.

Britain is the most deprived country in Europe of the pandemic with more than 41,000 deaths from Covid-19.

With AFP