Genésio evokes a return to France

Bruno Genésio does not rule out the possibility of working again in France in the future.

For a year, Bruno Genésio has been responsible for Beijing Guoan’s training. After three years as head of the Olympics, he took over the leadership of the Middle Kingdom to recharge his batteries, but also to take advantage of the economic benefits of the Chinese Super League. Within his new club, he is truly the 20th highest paid technician in the world. But that does not stop him from considering returning to France

“I feel very good about Beijing Guoan. I think I needed to take this break with France for various reasons. I live a rewarding sporting and human experience, even though we with Covid do not like life in Beijing like last year. But for me it was a very positive experience “, began by explaining the former coach of Les Gones in an interview with L’Equipe TV.

“Return to the Olympics? Not a good idea “

Genésio does not particularly want to move again, but he does not rule out a comeback in Ligue 1. “I do not necessarily have a career plan but it is certain that I will want to return to Europe for a while and maybe to France”, he said.

If he is open to the possibility of finding his country, Genésio, on the other hand, admits that a comeback in his former house in the Rhône is hypothetical. “(A return) to the Olympics? Lyon is my club, a club that stays in my heart but I am not convinced it would be a good idea “, “Pep” Genésio concluded.